10 Most Powerful BB Guns 2023

BB guns are a right of passage and fun for all ages.  Many of us learned to shoot on BB guns, but if you want to step up your plinking game you might want to think about something with more power than your standard Red Ryder (still a classic BB gun!).  The world of BB guns is vast, but power isn’t easy to find.  That’s where we come in.  We use our research and experience with BB guns, to highlight the most powerful models and make it easy for you to compare them side by side.

What is a powerful BB gun?

Velocity is the best indicator of power for a BB gun.  This is measured in feet per second (fps).  The average velocity on BB guns ranges from 200 fps to 500 fps.  Anything above 400 fps is a high velocity BB gun. So, that’s the cut-off we used to get onto our list.  Some of these BB guns exceed that by a significant amount.


Top 10 Powerful BB Guns

PictureNameStyleRating (1-5)Comments

1. Daisy 880 Rifle with ScopeRifle4.4Knock-out power at a great price.

2. Crosman P1377BR American Classic Multi PumpPistol4.6A versatile and powerful favorite

3. Barra Airguns Sportsman 900 Air RifleRifle4.2Modern design with great range

4. Daisy Model 35Rifle4.5A classic with real power

5. Wearable4U Legends M1A1 BB Air RifleAuto Rifle4.8Highest rated full auto

6. DPMS Full Auto SBR BB Air RifleAuto Rifle4.5Powerful auto from a trusted brand

7. Crosman CFAR1X Full Auto R1Auto Rifle4.3Solid power and we like the red dot sight

8. Crosman PFAM9B Full Auto PistolAuto Pistol4.3Rare full auto pistol with power

9. Crosman VigilanteRevolver4.4If Dirty Harry had it in for squirrels

10. Crosman SNR357 CO2 Snub Nose RevolverRevolver4.4Above average power with a cool design


Things to Consider

Let’s take a look at some crucial factors to consider when searching for both quality and power.

  • FPS. The FPS of a BB gun is an acronym for “Feet Per Second”. This is the single most important thing to consider if you’re looking for the most powerful bb gun.   Note that many air rifles list a maximum velocity for pellets, which is higher than their BB velocity.  As a rule of thumb for estimating BB velocity is to reduce the pellet velocity by about 30%.
  • BB or Pellet? Many of the most powerful BB gun models can also use .177 Cal pellets, so you won’t have to make the choice.  Pellets are more accurate because they take advantage of rifling.  BBs can often offer huge magazine sizes and rapid fire.
  • BB Gun Type. Rifles will often provide more power and accuracy than pistols due to the longer barrel.  What else is important to you?  Single shots may be more accurate and powerful, but semi-auto and auto offer high volumes of fun.
  • Propellent. The two common propellants for BB guns are manual pneumatic pump and CO2 cartridges.  The highest power guns are pneumatic pump, while Co2 enables rapid fire and small size.

What constitutes a powerful BB gun?  400 fps is well above average for BB gun velocity, so that’s the cut-off we used to get onto our list.  Some of these BB guns exceed that by a significant amount.


Reviews for our Top 3 Powerful BB Guns

1. Most Powerful BB Gun: Daisy 880 Air Rifle

From the maker of the BB gun you probably grew up with, this rifle has excellent maximum velocity at a reasonable price.  It can achieve over 500 fps with BBs and will also shoot .177 pellets at a blistering 800 fps.  A 50 BB reservoir give you plenty of ammunition.

The pneumatic pump means you can control your velocity and never run out of power.  Good barrel length gives it nice accuracy and range and the size is appropriate for adults and youngsters alike.  If you could only own one air gun, the Daisy 880 might be the one to pick.

2. Most Powerful BB Pistol:  Crossman American Classic

This is hands-down the most powerful pistol on the list thanks to the pneumatic pump action.  The relatively long barrel gives it good accuracy and range and it accepts both BBs and .177 Cal pellets, so it finds itself on our Most Powerful Air Pistols list as well.

The Crossman American Classic is exactly what it’s name implies.  Variants of the model have been around for decades and they are known to last for years.

3. Most Powerful Full-Auto BB Gun: Wearable4U Legends M1A1

Semi-auto and full-auto BB guns can lack power, but that’s not the case with Wearable4U’s M1A1.  This gun blisters BBs at velocities that some pellet guns can’t achieve (over 430 fps). It has a robust 30 round magazine, but it can disappear fast in full-auto mode.

Great for laying down covering fire for the assault on bunny bunker or perforating paper when you can’t find scissors, the main thing to know about this gun is that it is fun!


Don’t forget the BBs:

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