Best Full Auto BB Guns Rated by Gun Gear Lab

It’s hard to beat a good old fashioned BB gun for plinking.  How about a new fully automatic BB gun?  Yeah, that will do it!  Our Best Full Auto BB Guns have a high rate of fire, some power, and style.

Pity the pop can that ventures into no mans land while you’re carrying one of these top rated MBGs (machine BB gun).

Top 10 Full Auto BB Guns

PictureNameStyleVelociyMagazineRating (1-5)

1. Wearable4U Legends M1A1 BB Air RifleRifle435 fps304.8

2. Crosman CAK1 Full or Semi-Auto BB Air RifleRifle430 fps28 rds4.8

3. Crosman PFAM9B Full Auto PistolPistol400 fps19 rds4.4

4. Umarex Steel-Strike Automatic BB GunPistol400 fps18 rds4.4

5. DPMS Full Auto SBR BB Air RifleRifle43025 rds4.5

6. Bushmaster BMPWX Full Auto MPW BB Air RifleRifle430 fps25 rds4.5

7. Crosman CFAR1X Full Auto R1Rifle430 fps25 rds4.3

8. Umarex Beretta M92 A1 Blowback Full Auto BB PistolPistol
310 fps18 rds4.3

9. Crosman DPMS SBR Full-Auto BB Air RifleRifle430 fps25 rds4.2

10, Umarex Beretta M9A3 Blowback Full-Auto BB PistolPistol330 fps18 rds4.0

Things to Consider with Full Auto BB Guns

Let’s take a look at some crucial factors to consider when searching for an full auto BB Gun.

  • Velocity. The FPS of a BB gun is an acronym for “Feet Per Second”.  This is the best indicator of power and range.  You may also be interested in our recommendations for most powerful BB guns.
  • Ammunition. The BB guns on this list use standard 4.5 mm steel BBs. Not to be confused with plastic AirSoft BBs, they are absolutely NOT intended for use on human targets.  BBs are either zinc or copper coated.  The choice comes down to personal preference as all of our recommended guns will work with both.
  • BB Gun Style. There two primary styles of guns: pistols and rifles.  The rifles tend to have better power, larger magazines, and many of them have attachment points for accessories.
  • Propellent. CO2 cartridges are far and away the most common propellent for automatic and semi-automatic BB guns.  They are easy to find and relatively inexpensive, but be aware that in full-auto mode you will churn through them quickly.  As CO2 cartridges run low, BB velocity will decline and the gun’s action may not cycle fully.
  • Construction.  Many BB guns are primarily plastic or composite materials, some on this list have metal construction.  Metal is often more durable and will give a gun a realistic weight, but there are many high-quality composite guns that can also be a light-weight option for youngsters.
  • Price.  In general, MBGs are going to be more expensive than traditional models.  Although there is some correlation between price and quality you’ll see by our ratings that most expensive does not always mean best.

Reviews of Our Top 3 Automatic BB Guns …or MBGs as we like to think of them.

1. Wearable4U Legends M1A1

The Wearable4U’s M1A1 is out top rated gun.  It has the largest magazine of any BB gun we reviewed and was among the most powerful as well.  It has both full and semi-auto modes propelled by a single 12 gram CO2 cartridge.

As an added bonus, the package comes with 1500 BBs and 5 CO2 cartridges to get you started.

We love the Tommy Gun design, which is perfect for storming Pop Can Beach or going Machine Gun Kelly on cardboard cut-outs.

2. Crossman CAK1 BB Air Rifle

Comrade, have we got a MBG for you!  The Crosman CAK1 has an ample 28 round magazine and shoots at up to 430 fps in both auto and semi-auto modes.  Full automatic has a fire rate of 1400 rounds per minute and it is powered by duel CO2 cartridges, which allows you to go longer between change-outs.

This is a feature-rich BB gun with an adjustable stock, pistol grip, and picatinny rails for accessories.  Although it is synthetic, it has a good weight for balanced and steady shooting.

3. Crosman PFAM9B CO2-Powered Full Auto BB Pistol

The Crosman PFAM9B is one of the most realistic BB guns on the market.

The full size metal frame and slide provide realistic weight and great durability.  It can be fired both single and double action and has full auto and semi auto settings.

The authenticity extends to a removable 20 round magazine, realistic blowback action, and an accessory rail system.  This gun is great for skill development.

It’s fun too.  It shoots BBs up to 400 fps and has blistering 850 round per minute cycle rate using a single CO2 cartridge for power.

4. Umarex Steel Strike Automatic BB Gun

We found a number of high quality automatic BB pistols, but this was one of the best.  The Umarex Steel Strike has above average velocity for an automatic pistol and an ample 18 round magazine.  It is powered by a single CO2 cartridge and shoots in auto and semi-auto modes.  The adjustable rear sight is an enhanced feature in a BB pistol

This gun delivers realistic blowback action on a great replica of a historical German ‘broom handle’ gun.


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