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Best Reflex Sights for Pistols 2023

Reflex sights are becoming increasingly popular additions to handguns.  They have been proven accurate in competition and can greatly aid target acquisition and situational awareness in self-defense. What is a reflex sight? A reflex sight is simply a zero magnification sight that reflects a reticle on a

10 Best 1911 Sights 2023

The best sights for your 1911 allow you to quickly and easily acquire your targets at different ranges in varying light conditions. Colt, Rock Island Armory, Springfield, Rugar, Kimber and many more.  Regardless of the manufacturer, one of the best things about the 1911 platform is the

10 Best Red Dot Sights 2023

Fast target acquisition makes red dot sights highly effective in tactical situations and a favorite among target shooters. The market is crowded with options, but not all of them deliver the accuracy and durability you should demand from such a critical piece of gear.  We have compiled

10 Best Glock Sights 2023

For over fifty years, Glock has been one of the most trusted names in handguns. With their small package, lightweight, and high magazine capacity, these pistols are a perfect for concealed carrying; this means, of course, that most Glock pistol owners would generally want to use it

10 Best Rifle Scopes Under $300 of 2023

You don’t have to break the bank to get an excellent rifle scope.  Your scope is one of your most important pieces of  equipment for hunting.  Check out our buyer’s guide with all you need to know about scopes and our 10 Best Rifle Scopes Under $300.

Best AR-15 Sights 2023

Want to wow your friends with your shooting ability? If you want to have accurate marksmanship while firing your gun, you’ll need to use one of the best AR-15 sights on the market. Figuring out which sight to buy isn’t easy because there are so many factors