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Best Full Auto BB Guns Rated

It’s hard to beat a good old fashioned BB gun for plinking.  How about a new fully automatic BB gun?  Yeah, that will do it!  Here are out Best Full Auto BB Guns. Pity the pop can that ventures into no mans land while you’re carrying one

10 Best Air Rifles 2021

As conventional ammunition becomes more expensive and difficult to purchase, many shooters are switching to air rifles. Modern air rifles are powerful enough to hunt varmints and small game and reliable enough for target shooting, and since pellets cost only a small fraction of traditional rounds, it

10 Best .177 Pellets 2021

The right ammunition can make all the difference in the performance of your air rifle.  .177 pellets come in many shapes and designs, but you can rely on our 10 Best .177 Pellets list to get the right ammunition for your gun. Whether you’re looking for the

10 Best Air Rifle Scopes 2021

Our Best Air Rifle Scopes list will help you hit your target every time.  Choosing a good optic for your air rifle could mean the difference between hitting your target and hitting empty air. In our guide, we’ll help you find the best air rifle scope to

10 Most Powerful Air Pistols 2021

As air rifle enthusiasts, we know power matters and we also know that air pistols don’t always bring the heat.  That’s not true with the guns on this list!  We’ve put together our recommendations on ten powerful air pistols that really bring the heat.  These guns are

10 Most Powerful BB Guns 2021

BB guns are a right of passage and fun for all ages.  Many of us learned to shoot on BB guns, but if you want to step up your plinking game you might want to think about something with more power than your standard Red Ryder (still

10 Best Air Pistols 2021

If you are looking for a quiet pistol that offers accurate shooting, cheap practice, low recoil, or fun plinking, then an air pistol is just what you need. These are not kids’ play toys, either. Live-action air pistols often look, feel, and handle just like conventional pistols.