6 Best Single Stage Reloading Presses 2023

Single Stage presses are precise and easy to use.  We’ve rated the Best Single Stage Reloading Presses that can be a staple for beginers and pros alike.

Our in-depth guide will help you make the right choice. We have reviewed and ranked six of the best presses out there. This article also features a detailed review of the top three presses we found.

Top 6 Single Stage Reloading Presses Table


1. RCBS Rebel Single Stage PressSingle Stage4.8$$Simple, easy, and reliable at a great price.

2. Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic PressSingle Stage4.7$$Also available in one of our recommended kits.

3. RCBS Rock Chucker SupremeSingle Stage4.8$$Good balance of value and quality.

4. Lee Precision Breech Lock Hand PressHand4.7$A must-have compact press for your tool chest.

5. Frankford Arsenal M-Press Coaxial Reloading PressSingle Stage4.6$$Unique features such as LED light & primer catcher.

6. RCBS Summit Single Stage PressSingle Stage4.6$$$Great for large calibers.

How to Choose the Right Reloading Press

When you are looking for any new piece of equipment, you should take multiple factors into consideration; this is particularly the case when you are looking for the best single stage reloading press.

  • Price. The quality of the press will probably, though not always, coincide with the price, however, so make sure you find the right balance of quality and affordability.
  • Ease of Use. The best reloading press will be one that is easy to use while allowing you to make high quality and safe ammunition. You should be able to move the lever without too much force. The press itself should be easy to put together and setup. You should also look for a press that has a locking mechanism for die depth, saving you time and making your reloading process more productive.
  • Durability. Since you will be using the same lever and parts for all of the stages of reloading, you need to make sure that you select a press that will be durable. Most or all of the parts should be made from high-quality materials, such as iron or steel.
  • Ammunition Type. Certain presses can only be used to reload certain calibers. Make sure that the press you select can handle your ammunition.
  • Handedness. While all single stage presses can be operated with either hand, some systems are set up to accommodate  both right handed, left handed, or ambidextrous users.

Top 3 Best Single Stage Reloading Press Reviews

1. RCBS Rebel Single Stage Press

You need your reloading press to be sturdy.  The steel makeup of the RCBS Rebel Single Stage Press does not disappoint on this front.  It should be the only single stage press that you would ever need to buy.

A notable feature of this press is the great leverage that makes the entire press easier to use than some other presses.  It is also ambidextrous.  The need for less effort makes a difference in how willing you’ll be to use it. This press durable and powerful, making it a great option for those that use a reloading press often.  This also makes the Rebel great for loading a wide range of cartridges including many larger rounds.

If you are just getting started in reloading, this press is an affordable and smart investment.  It can also be a great utility press for pros.

2. Hornady Lock N Load Classic Reloading Press

An extremely basic design made by Hornady, another reloading mainstay. It is made with high-quality materials and is easy to setup and use.

There’s a little less room to work than the RBBS presses, but the Lock-N-Load system is a great feature that makes set-up and change-out easier than other presses.  We also really liked that you can switch the lever arm to either side.  This makes the press more accessible from whichever side you prefer to have open.

3. RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press

RCBS has long been one of the leading makers of reloading presses, and this is another example of that.  The Chucker is made out of high quality and durable materials. The lever moves up and down with ease, regardless of which stage in the reloading process you are in. It worked especially well amongst our testers since it can be easily used by someone that is either left or right handed.

It is also extremely forgiving for a beginning user. Since it has a longer loading area, you will have a bit more wiggle room to load your cartridges and change out the necessary dies for each step.

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