5 Best Shot Timers 2021

If you are a competition shooter or even a recreational shooter who wants to improve your speed, a shot timer is a valuable tool. These compact devices measure the time between shots or the total time duration of a string of shots. Practicing with a shot timer can help you train to reduce your reaction time and trigger speed.

There are numerous shot timers available to the modern shooter, and it can be a challenge to find one that suits your individual shooting needs. That is why we’ve put together this informational guide to help you narrow down the options so you can spend more time on the range. Use it to help you find the best shot timer to help you hone your shooting skills.

Top 5 Shot Timers Table

PictureNameShot CapacityPriceRating (1-5)
Shot Capacity
Rating (1-5)
1. PurchaseCorner Competition Electronics Pocket Pro Shot Timer and Purchasecorner Polish Cloth Bundle50$$4.7
2. PurchaseCorner Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II Timer CEI4700 Shot Timer and Polish Cloth Bundle99$4.6
3. PACT Club Shot Timer 3100$$$4.3
4. CED7000 Shot Timer - Perfect for Dry Fire Practice Shooting or RO use in USPSA, IPSC, 3 gun, and Steel Challenge. 99$$4.1
5. DAA-304 Shotmaxx-2 Shot Timer - White Display99$$$$4.0

Buying the Right Shot Timer

A shot timer can be a critical tool during your training sessions. Whether you are a seasoned shooter or just getting started, finding a dependable, accurate, and easy-to-use shot timer is crucial to improving your shooting speed. Here are some key factors to consider when deciding which model is the best shot timer for you.

  • Display. A shot timer with a clear, easy-to-read display is a necessity. The display should enable you to have easy access to information from each shooting session. Look for a shot timer that displays its recorded data in a way that is easy to understand. Display readability and clarity should be a top priority.
  • Size. Many shot timers are small enough to fit inside your shirt pocket conveniently. The small size is convenient if you often shoot by yourself. Other timers are larger and bulkier and may require an assistant or fellow shooter to hold so you can keep your hands free for shooting.
  • Data Recording and Storage. When you are shooting, your shot timer takes and stores notes about your session. To improve, you need a shot timer that records your progress and allows you to monitor your skills over time. Be sure to choose a timer with ample storage and data recording capabilities.
  • Battery Life. Having to change or charge batteries frequently is a hassle most shooters don’t want to deal with, and there’s nothing worse than a battery failure at the shooting range. Make sure to consider the battery life of your shot timer. You need a piece of equipment that you can rely on not to leave you high and dry in the middle of practice.
  • Durability. Shooters don’t always have the luxury of shooting in luxury, climate controlled conditions. Just like the rest of your gear, your shot timer needs to be able to stand up to various weather conditions and the harsh treatment it may have to endure on the shooting range.

It is important to find a quality shot timer capable of enduring rough handling and wet weather, not just so will last long, but also to protect your shooting stats and other recorded data. You don’t want to risk losing all the information you’ve stored on your timer to a hard bump or accidental fall.

Top 3 Best Shot Timer Reviews

1. PurchaseCorner Pro Shot Timer

This compact shot timer records up to 50 shots and allows you to review them either forward or in reverse. It features adjustable sensitivity and records and displays a direct view of shots fired, split time, or shot count. Its ergonomic design allows it to be held in either hand without covering the buzzer or shot sensor. It couldn’t be easier to use.

With an automatic power down that allows the device to turn itself off after 10 minutes of inactivity, you’ll enjoy convenient extended battery life. It also comes with a 2-year warranty, you can feel secure about the quality, durability, and dependability of this Competition Electronics Pocket Pro Shot Timer.

If you want to tremendously advance your shooting skills, bring attitude to your plinking, or see how you would fare against professional shooters, this shot timer has everything you’re looking for. This is hands down the best shot timer on the market today.

2. PurchaseCorner Pocket Pro II Timer CEI4700

Great for big hands, this shot timer fits comfortably in your palm and has large buttons placed conveniently on the side for easy manipulation. Although, it does feature a sturdy and convenient pocket clip that allows you to hook the device to your belt, shirt pocket, or empty mag pouches. The powerful buzzer will cut through background noise and ear protection to ensure you hear it every time, yet can be adjusted for use indoors. Since it is designed with intuitive, easy-to-learn navigation, it is perfect to use during practice or competition.

For simplicity, this shot timer is powered by a common 9-volt battery, so replacement if easy. One battery provides up to 20 hours of use time. This device automatically powers down after 10 minutes of inactivity, so you will enjoy several shooting sessions before a battery change.

One significant feature is the “par time” setting. With this setting, the shooter can set a window of time as precise as a tenth of a second. The sensor is sensitive enough to allow allows you to practice sidearm draws, dry fire drills, and mag changes without needing to use live ammunition. Whether you need a shot timer for competition practice or self-defense training, this one is a simple, affordable, and dependable tool.

3. PACT Club Shot Timer 3

Manufactured by one of the biggest names in the electronic timer and chronograph business, the Pocket Pro Timer II CEI001 is easy to use, surprisingly durable, and one of the most affordable full-function timers on today’s market. It comes in a convenient compact size that fits easily in your hand, clips to your belt, or slides in your pocket. No matter where you put it, the easy-to-read display can be seen from your belt or the bench.

Great for dry fire practice as well as live ammunition, this timer will help you improve your speed and your form. And with a quick convenient set-up, you can use this shot timer right out of the box. You won’t need to waste precious shooting time on assembly or complicated programs.

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