6 Best Reloading Dies

You are cutting costs in ammunition and your hunting and shooting hobby in general by choosing to reload yourself, but having the best reloading dies can also make a difference.

The dies need to help with the resizing, decapping, expanding and bullet seating processes in a way that makes the entire process easier for the user. If the die is not up to snuff then there is some danger in reloading and the whole process becomes a fruitless one.

To help avoid any wasted time and energy in reloading, consider the following guide to get the best set of dies. This can make all of the difference, regardless of the style of press you are using.

Things to Consider

  • Brand Matching. Those that reload cartridges for themselves as a hobby or to save money will have learned over time, which dies they like best and even get into combining specific dies from different sets and companies.

If you are new to reloading, then the best thing to do is to get the reloading dies from the same manufacturer as the press. If this is not an option, then at least always buy the dies from the same company.

This is the best way to ensure initial compatibility before becoming more familiar with the options and branching out.

  • A 2 or 3 Die Set? The first thing you need to determine is which kind of set you require. The two-die set is suitable for bottleneck cases while straight cases require a 3-die set. In many cases, there are sets of 4 that include special dies like the hand or bump.
  • Existing Press. If you have already bought a reloading press then you need to ensure that the die press you buy is compatible with the press. This might seem simple but it is a very expensive mistake if you get a set that does not work with your press.

Top 6 Reloading Dies Table

PictureNamePieces in the SetPriceRating (1-5)
Pieces in the Set
Rating (1-5)
1. Lee Precision 45 ACP Carbide 4-Die Set (Grey)4$$$4.8
2. Lee Precision Reloading 223 Remington Ultimate Rifle Die Set4$$$4.7
3. Hornady 223 Remington Custom Grade Reloading Dies(Series I Two-Die Set)2$$4.7
4. RCBS 3-Die Carbide Set (.45 Automatic (ACP))3$4.7
5. RCBS FL Die Set2$$4.5
6. Lyman Carbide Deluxe Rifle 3 Die Set 3$$$$3.9

Getting Reloading Dies

Buying reloading dies is something that should be done with some research at first, but that is mainly about personal preference once you get some experience with the reloading process.

The best way to determine which reloading dies will be compatible with your specific needs and your level as a reloader is to read the reviews of those that have been using the sets themselves.

Most hunters and reloading hobbyists are happy with whatever dies they are using, but short of buying each set yourself, this is the only way to determine the benefits and the drawbacks of each.

Top 3 Best Reloading Dies Reviews

1. Lee Precision 45 ACP Carbide 4-Die Set

The Lee Precision 45 ACP Carbide die set is a set of 4 that comes with a carry case, includes a shell holder and a factory crimp die. All of this means that setup when reloading is so much easier.

The dies have the carbide resizer as an added feature too. Those looking to make the process of reloading as easy as possible should know that this does a finishing sizing pass on a completed round.

This added feature means that the final sizing ensures when a die goes through easily then it will always be able to fit into the chamber of the gun.

2. Lee Precision Reloading 223 Rifle Die Set

The Lee Precision Reloading 223 Remington Ultimate Rifle Die Set has certainly earned its name from the quality of the set and the fact that the set is complete. This is all you will need to carry out reloading yourself.

To put it simply, this set of dies are just easier to use. Even if you have been reloading cases for a long time, you will have one get stuck every once in a while. This set of dies means that you can get the case removed without issue.

In terms of quality, you will not find better. For ease of use, you won’t find a set more straightforward to use either.

3. Hornady 223 Remington Custom Grade Reloading Dies

The Hornady 223 Remington Custom Grade Reloading Dies come in a set of two: the full-length size die and the seating die. Together, these can help make your loading process easier and the Hornady brand means that you will not have any many issues with bent or stuck cases.

It is recommended that with the resizing die that you use a lot of lube to ensure the brass does not get stuck, just on the off chance. The seater die is also impressive as it is very accurate and always consistent. This is one of the main reasons this is one of the best reloading dies.

Once you dial in on the depth that you want, every bullet will be seated exactly the same. You will feel like a reloading factory.

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