Best Progressive Reloading Presses 2023

If you’re ready to increase your ammo production, these are the best progressive reloading presses you can buy.

Reloading your own ammunition can be a fantastic way to save money or to customize your rounds.  Choosing a reloading press is an important decision, but let’s cut to the chase.  If you really want to produce ammunition economically, you’ll want a progressive press.  For the experienced reloader, a progressive reloading press is the fastest way to reload bullets.

We’ve provided the guide to the best progressive reloadinf presses to assist.

Choosing a Progressive Reloading Press

Many people are turning to progressive reloading presses to reload their ammunition because they are fast and efficient. Unlike single stage and turret presses, progressive presses combine all of the actions of loading a artridge into one single action.  Depending on the caliber ammunition with which you are working, you may be able to reload 300 to 500 rounds an hour with one of these presses.

A progressive reloading press also does most of the reloading work for you. With accessories designed to handle almost every step of the reloading process, reloading becomes as easy as pulling the handle.

What a Reloading Press Does

There are three types of reloading presses available, and while they all do the same thing – reload your ammo – they don’t all work the same way. All reloading presses put the four bullet components together. The four parts of a bullet are the bullet itself, the primer, powder, and the brass casing which holds it all together. While single stage and turret reloading presses handle each step of bullet construction one at a time, the progressive reloading press handles all the stages at once. This saves precious time. If you want to reload fast, the progressive reloading press is the only way to go.

Another perk to using a progressive press is all the extra functions. Some presses offer exact powder measuring or deburring. Those are functions you just won’t find on other types of reloading presses.

Why a Progressive Reloading Press May Be Intimidating

Progressive reloaders sometimes have a bad reputation for being too difficult to use. Their complex design can be a little daunting, especially for the beginner; this is because of the four or five stations that each progressive reloading press has.

Once you become familiar with the stations and understand how each one works, it becomes much less intimidating, and your reloading speed and productivity will increase. The best way to become proficient at using a progressive reloading press is to use one. Once you understand the machine and have all the stations set up, it’s as simple as pressing a button and standing back. It really doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Top 3 Best Progressive Reloading Presses:

1. Hornady Lock-N-Load Progressive Press

We love the smooth action and easy pull of this press 5 station press and were impressed with the precision and smooth pull.  It works well for both pistol and rifle cartridges and has sturdy cast iron and steel construction.

Hornady’s patented Lock-N-Load system is the distinguishing feature of this press.  It switches dies, powder measure, check dies, bullet seaters or crimp dies without having to change the whole die head.

The Hornady Lock-N-Load Progressive Press is an incredible value for a progressive press.

Features include: high capacity hopper, quick change metering inserts, ability to quickly change dies and calibers, built in priming system, automatic indexing, bushings, powder measure that can handle most pistol and rifle cartridges, case activated powder drop, and cartridge catcher.  Note that shell plates and dies are not included.

2. Lee Cast Aluminum Pro 1000 Reloading Kit

Lee Progressive PressThe Lee Pro 1000 progressive press is terrific for seasoned veterans or those new to progressive presses.  This turret comes with the die set and shell plate for a particular caliber cartridge with multiple handgun calibers available (so check the model before you buy).  It can be can be changed over to other calibers easily with the right shell plate(s) and dies.  Additional turrets sold separately.  The one we reviewed was for .38 cal.

We liked that The Lee Cast Aluminum Pro allows for experimenting and adjustments with an alternate loading sequence that allows it to work much like a single stage press (one cartridge at a time). In progressive mode, primers and powder are fed only if a case is present for safety.

The frame is a combination of steel and cast aluminum and features an ambidextrous handle and three mounting holes.

Features: Includes all the standard features you’d expect, such as case and bullet feeders, die bushings, and powder drop along with upgraded roller handle, easily changed over to other calibers, caliber specific die set,  auto-drum powder measure, Pro 1000 primer attachment, case feeder attachment with tubes, shell plate.

*Note that Lee recommends using only cci or Remington primers as they work best with their safety system.

3. Hornady 095160 Lock-N-Load Ammo Plant 110 Volt

Hornady Ammo PlantThis is as much factory as it is a press.  The Hornady Lock-N-Load Ammo Plant 110 Volt is a five station progressive press with auto indexing features Hornady’s patented Lock-N-Load Bushing system for easy set-up and change out.  It is rated at up to 500 cartridges an hour, making it one of the fastest presses available.

Suitable for both rifle and handgun cartridges, the version we reviewed included case feeders for both (note that some kits include only handgun feeder).  This press does not come with shell plates or dies, whichmust be purchased separately.

Construction is primarily steel to resist wear and tear.

Features: Case Feeder, Pistol Bullet Feeder, Die Bushing (10 – pack), Case Activated Powder Drop, Powder Measure, 3 cartridge bins, large and small primer pick-up tubes (3 each), primer slide spring, pistol and rifle metering insert and rotor, powder cop, die wrench.

For great references about reloading, check out our Top 6 Reloading Reference Books.

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