10 Best OWB Holsters 2023

Any law-abiding citizen that is qualified to carry a gun needs to have a quality holster for their weapon. This, of course, ensures security but with an OWB holster it can also guarantee comfort too.

Once you have decided to opt for an over-the-waistband holster, you need to consider the features that make an OWB holster superior to one that is worn on the waistband.

Consider the advice of the experts, the most popular holsters on the market today and some of the features that can be the difference between having a pleasant carrying experience and one that is burdensome.

Features to Consider

As you begin your search for the best OWB holster, here are a few things to take into consideration.

  • Material. This has a lot to do with the comfort and flexibility of the holster. Holsters generally come made from a woven material, leather, KYDEX or a more flexible plastic. Leather and KYDEX are of the highest quality but will cost you a lot more. Leather and the woven material are generally the most comfortable options.
  • Durability. The material of the holster you choose will contribute to the durability but this is perhaps an even more important feature when considering the cost and how often you wear the holster.

If you wear your gun on your hip daily, then you need a holster that is comfortable but also one that will last you for a long time without wearing or becoming loose.

  • Security. The OWB holster will help you to keep your gun on you at all times in a very convenient way but you do not want to compromise security as a result. This means you gun needs to be secure on your hip but also needs to be difficult for anyone other than yourself to draw.

Top 10 OWB Holsters Comparison Table

PictureNameBest FeaturePriceRating (1-5)
Best Feature
Rating (1-5)
1. BLACKHAWK Serpa CQC Holster fits M&P Shield, Right Hand, BlackFits M & P Shield.$$$4.7
2. DTOM Premium LEATHER Universal IWB or OWB Ambidextrous Belt SLIDE HolsterWorks inside or outside of the belt.$$4.6
3. DeSantis S and W Shield Mini Scabbard HolsterMade of black leather.$$$$4.6
4. Outlaw Holsters Kryptek Typhon Kydex OWB holsters for more than 135 different handgunsComes in a variety of styles.$$$$4.5
5. OUTBAGS USA OB-31SC Nylon OWB Outside Pants Carry Holster w/ Mag Pouch. Family owned & operatedIncludes magazine pouch.$$4.5
6. Barsony Gun OWB Belt Holster with Magazine Pouch for Full Size 9m 40 45Adjustable thumb break.$$$4.5
7. Fobus Standard Holster RH Paddle SWMP S&W M&P 9mm, .40, .45, SD 9 &40Steel reinforced attachment system.$$$4.4
8. Outlaw Holsters Black Carbon Fiber Kydex OWB holsters for more than 135 different handgunsComes in different styles.$$$$4.4
9. PHALANX DEFENSE SYSTEMS Stealth Operator Compact HolsterTactical positioning.$$$4.2
10. GLOCK Sport Combat Holster Completely ambidextrous.$4.2

The Perfect OWB Holster for Your Money

In order to get the holster of your dreams, you need to consider the cost as well as how effective the holster is at holding your gun in place, allowing you access and ease when putting it back.

  • Quick Access. The best OWB holster is the one that allows you to access your gun quickly when you need it. There is no point in carrying the gun on your hip without this feature. The best way to assess this is to read reviews from those that have tried the holster for themselves.
  • Ease of Re-Holstering. Putting your gun back when you are finished is just as important as being able to access it. The holster you choose should be secure but it should also be easily manipulated, something that can also be discovered through reading expert reviews.

Top 3 Best OWB Holster Reviews

1. BLACKHAWK Serpa CQC Holster

The BlackHawk Serpa CQC Holster is a durable, high-quality holster that stays exactly where you want it to even during more rigorous activity. Your gun isn’t going to sneak out of this holster and the holster itself won’t move around a lot, either. This does not mean that it is glued to you, just that you will be able to draw exactly when you need to.

In terms of safety, you have the positive retention factor but you also have the way the gun is mounted on the included belt and how the button works. The retention release button is perfectly positioned so that the trigger finger falls right in line with the frame of the gun when it is drawn.

It should also be noted that this covers the full barrel and trigger of the gun as an added safety measure.

2. DTOM Ambidextrous Belt SLIDE Holster

The DOTM Premium Leather Universal IWB or OWB holster is one of the most versatile holsters you could ever hope to wear. First off, the fact that is can be worn out or inside of the waistband gives you more options but it is also suited for those that shoot with either hand too.

This is a belt slide holster that you can simply attach to the belt that you are wearing. Due to the high quality of the leather, it will seem like you are wearing the holster in conjunction with your belt, as the quality will blend together. This holster also fits onto a belt that is up to 1.5” wide, which means it will fit most fashionable belts.

This holster fits medium guns like a Glock 17 or a Ruger SR9. This means that you can change the gun that you are wearing without having to worry about adjusting to a new holster each time.

3. DeSantis S and W Shield Mini Scabbard Holster

The DeSantis S and W Shield Mini Scabbard Holster is for left and right handed shooters alike. This makes it very convenient if you have a collection or if you are giving it as a gift.

It is simple, discreet and effective. Your gun stays secure and you are able to access it easily when needed. Whether this is your first holster or you are adding to a larger collection, you will surely see a difference in the quality. You cannot beat how well made and how well priced this holster is.

In terms of comfort, this is top notch. It is the best OWB holster because it rides high and can, therefore, be accessed but also easily concealed. This is, of course, important for anyone with a concealed carry permit.

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