Best Tactical Multitools for Guns

The best gun multitools are exactly what you need where you need it.  Having the right tools to fix your gun is critical any time.  At the range or in the back-country carrying a full tool set is not an option.  That’s where these tactical multi tools come in.  They pack dozens of required functions into a small, easy to carry package.

Best Multitools For Gun Repair

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5) 
1. Real Avid Gun Tool Max: 37-in-1 Multitool$$$4.6Most complete tool + great blade
2. LEATHERMAN, MUT Multitool$$$$4.7Excellent tactical multi-tool with the the gun basics covered.
3. Real Avid The Pistol Tool$$4.7Complete handgun tool with bushing wrench.
4. Real Avid The Gun Tool$$4.6All-in-one riffle and shotgun tool.
5. Birchwood Casey Portable Gun Repair Multi Tool$4.6Covers most gun types and cheap enough to stash a few.
6. Wheeler Delta Series Compact Multi-Tool for Tactical Rifles$$4.6Way beyond basic rifle tool
7. Gun Tool Pro - 30-in-1 Firearm Multi-Tool$$4.6Magnetic storage compartment is handy in the field.

How to Select a Firearm Multitool

Type of gun – If you’ve spent any time cleaning or maintaining firearms, you know that different types and styles require unique tools.  Some of the best firearms multitools are generalist that can cover the basics for most weapons, but many are created with a specific type of gun in mind.  Often tools will be geared towards either pistols or rifles and shotguns.  Note that you can find multi-tools specifically made for many of the most popular brands as well.

Features – When in doubt, go for as many features as possible.  With that said, some tools with fewer features are specialized and will provide better functionality for their niche.  When buying a multi-tool for your guns, carefully consider which tools you use most frequently and make sure the multi-tool you select has a quality version of that tool.

Beyond the Gun – Our top-rated multi-tools for guns have features that extend beyond gun repair such as knife blades, pliers, and wire cutters.  At the range, maybe this isn’t necessary, but in the field it can reduce the overall amount of equipment that you have to carry.  Besides, when a quality blade almost always finds a use.


Reviews of or Top Picks

1. Best Rifle & Shotgun Multitool – Real Avid Gun Tool Max: 37-in-1 Gun Multitool

Real Avid RifleThe name says it all.  This tool has 37 functions that cover a wide range of firearms requirements as well as basic survival and work needs.  Sturdy and MOLLE compatible this tool can go anywhere.

Features include: choke wrench for .410 – 10 gauges, detachable pin punch, 8-32 threaded post and receiver, detachable pick, 2 carbon scrapers, windage/elevation adjuster, and tap hammer, stainless steel knife, 12 bits, 3 position locking bit driver, combination needle-nose pliers, carbide cutter, bottle opener, 4 wrenches, and flathead screwdriver.


2. Best Tactical Multitool – LEATHERMAN, MUT Multitool

Leatherman MUT Tactical MultitoolLeatherman is the leader in multitools.  Their tactical version has all the basics for on-the-fly gun repair along with great survival and tactical tools.  It is designed to allow for single-handed operation and we love unique features like the carabiner clip and starp cutter.  Made in the USA with a 25 year warranty.

Features include:  Bronze carbon scraper, disassembly punch, bolt override tool, Pliers, wire cutters and crimper, knife, saw, cutting hook, hammer, bolt override tool, bronze carbon scraper, #8-32 cleaning rod/brush adapter, firearm disassembly punch, in-handle storage, and more.

3. Best Pistol Multitool – Real Avid The Pistol Tool – 19-in-1 Pistol Multitool

Real Avid Pistol MultitoolSeveral things make Real Avid’s Pistol tool stand out.  It is the only multitool we reviewed that included a bushing wrench (1911).  It also includes Allen wrenches for laser sight adjusting tools and an excellent tactical blade.

Features include: Allen wrenches, various gunsmithing bits, 1911 government and officer bushing wrench; 3/32″ pin punch interchangeable with 8-32 threaded cleaning tools; non-hardened stainless steel pick/scraper, 3″ tanto knife, 2.5″ long bit driver, fine tooth metal file, and tap hammer surface

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