6 Best AR Scope Mounts 2023

Any gun accessory that will affect your precision as a shooter and the precision of your scope needs to be carefully investigated before you buy.

This is why getting the best AR scope mount can prove to be a difficult task. This is a tactical or hunting accessory that can save you time and improve your abilities when it counts.

To help you wade through your options and give you an idea of some of the most popular AR scope mounts on the market, we have developed this expert buying guide.

Types of Mounts to Think About

Before you head down and check out the scopes in our table, here is a quick description of each of the different mounts you can use.

  • Scope Bases. This is a one-piece unit that is simple yet effective in supporting the scope rings to be able to wrap around the scope securely.
  • Scope Rails. Rails are mounts that have ridges in them. The benefit of this kind of mount is that the effects of the recoil are minimized in terms of the scope’s alignment.
  • Scope Rings. This kind of scope mount refers to the two-piece clamps that allow the lower half of the rings to attach to the scope base and the upper part attaching to the lower. This means that the scope is resting on one part and being held in place by the other.
  • Scope Covers. These are more serious options as they protect the scope itself from weather and moisture as well as scratches on the lenses. This kind of AR scope mount is best suited for hunting or tactical settings but is not required in most cases.

Top 6 AR Scope Mounts Table

PictureNameFeaturePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. CCOP High Profile AR-ArmourTac Rifle Scope Mount Rings for Picatinny Rail, 1-Inch, BlackEasy installation as no tools are required.$$4.6
2. Burris AR-PEPR Scope mount 1" Comes with a lifetime warranty.$$$$4.6
3. CCOP MNT-1516 High Profile AR-ArmourTac Rifle Scope Mount Rings for Picatinny Rail, 30mm Rigorously field tested to ensure great performance.$$4.5
4. Nikon P-Series Riflescope Picatinny Mount for 1 Inch TubeReversible 2-piece mount.$$4.4
5. Green Blob Outdoors Tactical 1 inch Black Cantilever Flat Top Dual Ring Scope MountHeavy duty holds under strong recoil.$4.3
6. Nikon M-223 Riflescope Picatinny Rails Mount for 1 Inch TubeStrong yet lightweight construction.$$$4.3

Choosing the Perfect AR Scope Mount

The mount that you choose needs to work with how you hunt or how you will need to perform in tactical situations.

The main difference in the scope mounts when it comes to serving your needs is whether it is fixed or detachable.

Consider the following:

  • Fixed. This is the best scope mount if you mainly use one gun. This lessens any potential damage the scope mount might undergo if it were transferred to another weapon and it means you never have to worry about being prepared.
  • Detachable. Anyone that uses multiple weapons should choose a scope mount that can be removed and attached again easily rather than having to buy a different scope mount for each one. This, of course, makes the detachable option more economical.

Top 3 Best AR Scope Mount Reviews

1. CCOP High Profile AR-ArmourTac Rifle Scope

The CCOP High Profile AR-Armour Tac Rifle Scope Mount Rings make for the best AR scope mount because it is both durable and accurate. It fits a 1-inch rifle scope and is true to the fit.

Having proper alignment is always necessary but not guaranteed with such affordable options but with this mount the alignment is perfect. In terms of longevity, this will never waver over time, which means the mount will outlast others you might use often.

The look of this tool is sleek, with an even coating over the aluminum alloy body that looks good with any rifle.

2. Burris AR-PEPR Scope mount 1″

If you want to be sure that you are getting a great scope mount, then the AR-PEPR Scope mount is the best. This is for a few reasons, the first and most important being that it has been thoroughly tested to ensure perfect alignment and reliability.

If you have ever used another scope mount and then switch to this one, you will note an immediate difference. With such quality, it is not a surprise that the company offers a lifetime warranty either.

In terms of price, this is not the cheapest scope mount on the market, but you do get what you pay for.

3. CCOP MNT-1516 AR-ArmourTac Rifle Scope

The CCOP MNT-1516 is a high profile, aluminum alloy scope mount that you can rely on for great alignment and accuracy. The fact that this scope mount has been tested in the field to ensure quality means that the company does care about the product they are putting out.

This is apparent from the very first time you use the scope mount on your rifle. It is easy to attach and it comes at a much lower price than you might expect once you see and feel the quality for yourself.

It should be noted that this is a high mount but there are some higher on the market so if you need high clearance then this might not be suitable.

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