Best AR-15 Accessories 2023

If you own an AR-15 then you will want to get the most out of your rifle, and there are plenty of accessories that can help you to do just that.

Whether you are looking for added comfort, performance or convenience, you will find that there are many products to choose from in order to make your rifle kit complete.

Since there are so many low-quality accessories available and it takes hours to sort through all of them, we decided to simplify the process by showing you only the best AR-15 accessories.

Use our guide and our tips to help you find the right accessories at the right prices.

Head down and take a look!

Top Ten AR-15 Accessories Comparison Table

PictureNameCompatible WithPriceRating (1-5)
Compatible With
Rating (1-5)
1. LimbSaver Snap-On Recoil Pad for 6-Position Adjustable StocksMost six-position adjustable stocks$$$4.8
2. MAGPUL Gen 2 Front Back Up Sight MBUSAR15/M16 platforms$$$4.7
3. Caldwell Pic Rail Brass Catcher Picatinny rail hand guards$$$4.6
4. CVLIFE 6- 9 Inches Tactical Rifle Bipod Adjustable Spring ReturnMost rifles$$4.5
5. Ozark Armament Rhino Tactical Green & Red Dot Sight for Rifles & Shotguns Weaver/Picatinny rails$$$4.4
6. SNIPER Mil Spec Standard AR-15 Front Sight with A2 Sight PostPicatinny/Weaver Style Rails$$4.4
7. Ozark Armament Green Laser Sight System by Ozark Armament Picatinny rails (included)$$$$4.4
8. Caldwell Brass CatcherAll guns$$4.3
9. UTG Model 4/AR15 4 & 5 Prong A1/A2 Dual Front Sight ToolAR-15$$4.3
10. Goodtrade8 GOTD Ambidextrous Dual Round Loop Mount Slot Strap Latch AdapterAR-15/16$4.2

What to Look For

There is a wide range of AR-15 accessories and what you choose will depend largely on personal preference and how you use your weapon. The build quality and materials used in accessories should also be taken into account as some products may begin to fail under the stresses of recoil and general use.

While some accessories are designed specifically with the AR-15 in mind, many others are designed for a wider range of guns, so it is important to be sure they are compatible with your weapon.

Remember that some accessories may not be compatible with other accessories, so choose new accessories based on existing accessories in order to make sure they are compatible with one another.

Top Three Best AR-15 Accessories Reviews

1. LimbSaver Snap-On Recoil Pad

The LimbSaver Snap-On Recoil Pad can be used on the majority of most adjustable rifle stocks, including the AR-15 stock. The pad helps to keep the rifle in position firmly against your shoulder while firing. It helps to reduce muzzle jump when firing, helping you to remain on the target and acquire new targets as quickly as possible. The energy absorbing NAVCOM (Noise and Vibration Control Material) technology helps to reduce vibration, improving overall comfort and handling of the gun.

As well as providing padding and improving handling, this attachment also adds additional length to the stock which, in many cases, makes for a more comfortable fit while firing. The pad simply clips onto the butt and remains firmly in place during use. The pad is also very durable and is designed to be used outdoors in all weather conditions.

The added comfort, increased control and ease of use of this pad makes it one of the best AR-15 accessories available. If you are finding the recoil of your AR-15 uncomfortable on your shoulder and would like more padding to help provide protection and additional stability, this pad could be just what you need.

2. MAGPUL Gen 2 Front Back Up Sight

Made in the USA, this sight is made specifically for use with the AR-15 and fits the majority of 1913 Picatinny-railed hand guards. It is made from a very lightweight polymer material that is also very durable. The sight is also very easy to mount on the weapon, and is also easy to zero to help you get the accuracy that you want. The sight is easy to flick into place and just as easy to flick back down again when it is not needed.

The MAGPUL Gen 2 is made from a lightweight polymer that is durable at the same time. Mounting the sight onto the weapon is quick and easy, while zeroing the sight for maximum accuracy is also straight forward. The low profile design of the sight means that it can be used quite easily in combination with other accessories such as magnifiers for even better performance.

Although this accessory is often used as a back-up to electronic laser sights, it is accurate enough to be used as a quality first-choice sight in its own right. For an easy to use, lightweight and durable sight that provides the accuracy you need, the MAGPUL Gen 2 has it all.

3. Caldwell Pic Rail Brass Catcher

Having red-hot casings land on you while firing your weapon is a problem that most would rather do without, as would the need to go cleaning up the ejected casings once you have finished. This Brass catcher solves the problem neatly by sitting right next to where the casings are ejected and catching them in its net.

This brass catcher is compatible with the picatinny rail hand guard and is fully adjustable for a perfect fit. It is a 2-piece system with a clamp that attaches directly onto the weapon, and the net bag with steel frame can be simply clipped onto the mount. The netting bag can hold up to 100 rounds and can be easily detached from the clamp so that it can be easily emptied and then re-mounted.

Some noted negatives are that it may be necessary to make adjustments to sights and other accessories in order to for the catcher to fit. A heat-resistant lining may also be necessary in some cases, as the hot brass can cause the mesh material to melt. Despite the negatives, however, this product is still considered by many users to be among the best AR-15 accessories available on the market.

This brass catcher has proved to be hugely popular and a big hit for anybody that wants to see the end of burns from hot brass along with the added convenience of not having to clean up after themselves.

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