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10 Best Red Dot Sights 2023

Fast target acquisition makes red dot sights highly effective in tactical situations and a favorite among target shooters. The market is crowded with options, but not all of them deliver the accuracy and durability you should demand from such a critical piece of gear.  We have compiled

10 Best .177 Pellets 2023

If you’re like me, you’ve had more than one occasion to ask yourself, “what’s the best pellet for killing squirrels?” Or perhaps you’re hunting a different varmint or target shooting.  The best .177 pellets have three things: consistent accuracy, good penetration, and enough mass to generate knock-down

10 Best Shooting Glasses 2023

Safety is not something that is taken lightly when shooting, especially when it comes to your eyes. Getting the best shooting glasses, however, can be difficult since you don’t want to look like you are participating in a high school science experiment, but do want to stay

10 Best Glock Sights 2023

For over fifty years, Glock has been one of the most trusted names in handguns. With their small package, lightweight, and high magazine capacity, these pistols are a perfect for concealed carrying; this means, of course, that most Glock pistol owners would generally want to use it

10 Best Night Vision Goggles 2023

Night vision goggles were once reserved for military use. Today, night vision technology is available to the average consumer. Whether you’re camping at night, hunting in the predawn duskiness, playing airsoft at midnight, or need them for night time security, night vision goggles give you the ability

10 Best Ear Protections for Shooting

If you love guns, you probably remember going to the range for the first time, most likely with your dad, uncle, or grandpa. He probably made you put on a silly pair of antique ear protectors or earplugs, didn’t he? You probably glanced around the shooting range

10 Best Air Rifle Scopes 2023

If you want to make sure you hit your target every time, you need an air rifle scope that is accurate, clear, and dependable.  We’ll walk you through important considerations such as fixed versus adjustable power and objective lens size and help you find the best air

10 Most Powerful Air Pistols 2023

As air rifle enthusiasts, we know power matters and we also know that air pistols don’t always bring the heat.  That’s not true with the guns on this list!  We’ve put together our recommendations on ten powerful air pistols that really bring the heat.  These guns are

Best AR-15 Accessories 2023

If you own an AR-15 then you will want to get the most out of your rifle, and there are plenty of accessories that can help you to do just that. Whether you are looking for added comfort, performance or convenience, you will find that there are

10 Best Pistol Range Bags

While it is possible to carry all your guns and gear to the range in any cheap tote bag or backpack, that probably isn’t the best option. When you’ve invested a significant amount of money into your firearms and shooting equipment, you want to protect them from