About Gun Gear LabWe are shooting-sports enthusiasts – target shooting, hunting, collecting and more.  We believe the gear is one of the best things about our sport.  The gear can make the gun.  It enables the successful hunting excursion and improves the trip to the range.  Beyond that, it’s just fun!

There is a lot of bad gear on the internet. We’ve purchased our fair share.  It was our own frustration that led us to do in-depth research on the products we use.  Over time, we realized others could benefit from our research.

At Gun Gear Lab, we believe in honest, objective advice that will help you make good decisions.  Our product recommendations are based on personal experience, rigorous research, analysis of verified customer reviews, and when possible, hands-on testing.  We do not accept product sponsorships or paid reviews.

After independently selecting products, we try to incorporate links to reputable retailer for those that want to purchase them (we can make a small commision on referals).  There’s nothing more annoying than getting a great recommendation and not being able to find the product (one of our pet peeves!).

We’re proud to provide the best gun gear reviews around.  Happy shooting!


Chief Gun Gear Guy