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10 Best Tactical Backpacks 2021

Originally designed for military use, the best tactical backpacks have a combination of versatility, durability, and comfort that make them an indispensable piece of gear for hikers, law enforcement, military, gun owners, and commuters alike.  Our buyer’s guide will help you find the best tactical backpack for

Make Your Own First Aid Kit List: What to Include and Why

A first aid kit for hiking, hunting, and other outdoor activities should include both important medical supplies and basic survival tools to keep you alive long enough for help to arrive if you are lost or injured.  This article lists what you should have in your first

10 Best Airsoft Guns 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Airsoft is a fun and inexpensive way to simulate tactical situations and it can be played virtually anywhere.  Besides the strategy and teamwork, one of my favorite things about the sport is the gear.  There are so many types of guns, load-outs, and ways to play!  So,

Best Father’s Day Gifts for Gun Lovers

Finding a unique gift for Dad can be tough.  How do you show the man that raised you that you care and you know him as well as he knows you?  If your father is a gun enthusiast, we’ve got you covered with our best Father’s Day

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gun Lovers

Our list of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for gun lovers is for those shooting higher than a card and a box of chocolates.  If your valentine enjoys long romantic walks to the gun store, we’ve got you covered.  These gifts are unique, personalized, or just plain

Best Tactical Multitools for Guns

The best gun multitools are exactly what you need where you need it.  Having the right tools to fix your gun is critical any time.  At the range or in the back-country carrying a full tool set is not an option.  That’s where these tactical multi tools

Best Full Auto BB Guns Rated by Gun Gear Lab

It’s hard to beat a good old fashioned BB gun for plinking.  How about a new fully automatic BB gun?  Yeah, that will do it!  Our Best Full Auto BB Guns have a high rate of fire, some power, and style. Pity the pop can that ventures

Best Reloading Books – Guides and Manuals

We reviewed the Best Reloading Books because ammunition scarcity and rising costs have created a resurgence of interest.  Reloading is a great way for you to save money and be more self sufficient.  Many shooters know there is simply no substitute for the ability to customize loads

10 Best Air Rifles 2021

What makes a great air rifle for hunting or target shooting?  Power, accuracy, range, and reliability top the list of criteria to be one of our best air rifles.  Propellant and caliber are also important, but are a matter of personal preference. Every pellet gun on this

10 Best Iron Sights for AR-15s of 2021

Our list of the 10 best iron sites for AR-15s is for those that know that you can’t get more reliable than good old-fashioned, low-tech iron sights. In recent years, there have been some amazing advancements in sight technology.  From red dots to holographic sights, technology has
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